Fruit & Nut Research and Information Center
Fruit & Nut Research and Information Center
Fruit & Nut Research and Information Center
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Fruit & Nut Research and Information Center

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Our Mission

The Fruit & Nut Research and Information Center was created in 1995 to coordinate and make publicly available University of California research-based information,  and extension activities in planting, growing and harvesting fruits and nuts.

Today, the Center provides information about best management practices developed by UC Cooperative Extension and connections to current research and new technologies as well as practical advice in fruit and nut production.

Our Activities

When the Research and Information Centers were organized under the Department of Pomology (now Plant Sciences), an Academic Plan was developed that states:
"The Center, established in 1995 and consisting of all University of California personnel with work related to the production and handling of fruit and nut crops, serves four primary groups: 1) Pomology Extension Continuing Conference (PECC), 2) Research and Extension Faculty, 3) Fruit and Nut Industry Groups, 4) General Public and Government Agencies

The FNRIC's principal method of extension is through our website, coordinating UC-generated and other fruit and nut crop information, and websites on UC Research projects.

Work on the website focuses on updating content, improving accessibility to and supporting California's fruit and nut industries, and increasing public awareness of UC accomplishments. Priorities include development of interactive databases and webpages that aid in timely decision making, obtaining feedback, and increasing the site's usability.

Just as the FNRIC Web site facilitates online communication among UC, industry, and the public, it also facilitates internal communication among all UC personnel involved in fruit and nut research and extension through a combination of listserve groups, collaborative tools, and calendars.

The Center coordinates conferences, short courses, and meetings and provides hands-on training sessions, workshops and website development services that further its mission. Please see our Event Services for information about what we offer.

FNRIC actively seeks to determine fruit and nut crop research and industry needs, particularly those with cross-commodity application, and hosts an annual research coordination meeting involving UC Liaison officers, commodity group research chairs, and commodity group research coordinators to facilitate research coordination among the various California fruit commodity groups and the University programs.
The Center also coordinates related grant application and project development. Examples, supported by six commodity groups, are the interactive chilling hour calculator and harvest prediction modules located on About Weather-Related Models. The FNRIC actively cooperates with the other Research and Information Centers (RICs) and UC Agriculture and Natural Resources (ANR) Communication Services computer support in pursuing our mission.


Current support includes partial funding from the UC Davis Department of Plant Sciences and office space, grants for specific projects, and Our Endowment. Additional technical support is provided through UC (ANR) Communication Services.

Staff & Advisory Board

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