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Olive Fruit Fly

Information & References for Olive Fruit Fly, Bactrocera oleae (Diptera, Tephritidae)

UC IPM Pest Management Guidelines for Olive Fruit Fly

Olive Fruit Fly (pdf)
Paul Vossen, Lucia Varela, and Alexandra Devarenne, UCCE Sonoma Co., 2004 (6 pp.)

Olive Fruit Fly: UC IPM Pest Note (pdf)
F.G. Zalom, UCCE Entomology Dept., UC Davis, R.A. Van Steenwyk, UCCE Insect Biology Dept., UC Berkeley, and H.J. Burrack, Dept. of Entomology, UC Davis. 2003 (4 pp.)

Olive Fruit Fly: Biology, Control and Research Update 2006 (pdf)
Marshall W. Johnson, UCCE Entomology Dept., UC Riverside. 58-slide presentation

Olive Fruit Fly: Biology, Control, and Research Update 2004 (pdf)
Marshall W. Johnson, UCCE, Entomology Dept., UC Riverside. 46-slide presentation

Olive Fruit Fly: GF-120 NF Naturalyte Fruit Fly Bait (pdf)
Supplemental labeling, Dow AgroSciences (2 pp.)

Olive Fruit Fly: Observations 2004, 2005 and Plans for 2006 (pdf)
Bill Krueger, UCCE Glenn and Tehama Co. 4-slide presentation

Olive Fruit Fly: Populations Measured in Central and Southern California (pdf)
R.E. Rice, Entomology Dept., UC Davis, P.A. Phillips, UCCE, Central Coast, J. Stewart-Leslie and G.S. Sibbett. 2003 (6 pp.)

Olive Fruit Fly: the Spanish "Olipe" Trap for Organic Control of Olive Fruit Fly (pdf)
Paul Vossen, UCCE Sonoma Co. (1 p.)

Olive Fruit Fly: Update 2004 for Table Olive Industry: OLF Management FAQ's (pdf)
UC Cooperative Extension and California Olive Committee. 2004 (3 pp.)