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How-to Guides & Tools

From Ken Shackel, Professor, Dept. of Plant Sciences, UC Davis

  • The Pressure Chamber (The Bomb)
    This hand-pump device is used to measure water potential in leaf stems. It provides directions for use, including step-by-step photo sequence, and details of application to prunes/dried plums.

From Kitren Glozer, Project Scientist, Dept of PLant Sciences, UC Davis

  • Dynamic Model & Chill Accumulation
    An illustrated guide to obtaining chill data using online data sources or your own datalogger, and using the Dynamic Model to calculate Chill Accumulation as "Chill Portions."
  • Using The Pull Force Gauge: an FRF Guide
    An illustrated guide to measuring Fruit Removal Force (FRF) using a  hand-held gauge, a software package for your Windows-based computer, and an interface system.
  • Leaf Area Measurement Alternatives
    A guide to accurately measure leaf area using only a digital camera and a frame to hold your leaves.

From Louise Ferguson, UC Cooperative Extension Specialist, Dept. of Plant Sciences, UC Davis