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Using the Year-round IPM Programs

The Year-round Integrated Pest Management Program was developed by the IPM Program as an annual plan of action to help growers manage pests in their fields. This program was designed for those interested in crop protection, understanding pesticide use, and understanding environmentally sound practices. The year-round IPM program is organized by crop and includes monitoring, prevention, management practices and future action required for a comprehensive IPM program. A "video tour" of this program is available in the far right column on this page: About the Year-round Integrated Pest Management Program. You may view selected videos in this series from the list below.

The Year-round IPM Program for Almonds video series:

Dormant Spur Sampling for Prune

Dormant spur sampling is used to evaluate the insect species and population present in the orchard. This information is used to determine the need for a dormant spray treatment. The IPM Program provides the videos below to discusses this process.