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    Welcome to the pear research network page! This page serves to gather information and links to help you connect to pear research happening across the United States.


    Perhaps you are an industry member looking to connect with researchers working on specific topics, or you are a new pear researcher looking for new colleagues to reach out to or links to research resources - we hope to provide a hub of information that can get you started on connecting to the people and research tools you're looking for!


    Here you can find information for:

    Researchers working on pear biology and horticulture in the U.S.

    Links for research tools and resources pages

    Links to local commodity groups that support pear research, and access past research that has been funded by them

    Links to grower publications that feature pear work, as well as local university extension websites

    Here we have tried to gather a large number of researchers focused on pear physiology, horticulture, genetics, and genomics in the U.S.. While this is not a comprehensive list of all researchers working on pears throughout the country, we hope this is a good place to get started getting to know what folks are working on.

    Dr. Jessica Waite

    • Research Geneticist

      Affiliations: USDA-ARS, Tree Fruit Research Lab
      Area(s) of Research: Genetics, Genomics, Rootstocks, Physiology, Pyrus, Pears, Rootstock/Scion Relations, Rooting, Root System Architecture, Molecular Biology
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    I am an ARS Research Geneticist focused on pear research, especially pertaining to rootstocks. My lab is interested in identifying, characterizing, and understanding the genetic and molecular determinants of important rootstock traits like dwarfing, rooting, and aspects of root system architecture. We employ, improve, and develop genetic and genomic techniques to tackle rootstock-related questions and issues. Our overall goal is to creatively and collaboratively work towards the improvement of pear rootstock options and availability for pear production.


    Lab website

    Location website

    Google Scholar


    Research Gate


    Dr. Rachel Elkins

    • Pomology Farm Advisor - Emeritus

      Affiliations: UC Cooperative Extension
      Area(s) of Research: Pears, Pyrus, Rootstocks, Pest Management, Disease Management
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    Rachel is a Pomology Farm Advisor Emeritus in Lake and Mendocino Counties.

    Her crop responsibilities include European pears, walnuts, apples, olives and other commercial fruit and nut crops, as well as the Master Gardener Program in Lake County.

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