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Research Partner News

From Luke Milliron, UC Cooperative Extension

Monterey and the Leafing Failure 2020: What are we seeing?

Monterey and the Leafing Failure: What could be causing it?


PPE in short supply for farm work during the COVID-19 crisis

From the UC Davis Olive Center

A new article on olive oil fraud was just published out of UC Davis, also available on the Olive Center website.

Orchard Recycling

Visit the Whole Orchard Recycling project website to learn more about biomass recycling to improve sustainability and resilience of almond production.

Almond Cover Crops

Our partners in the Gaudin Laboratory are exploring the benefits of using cover crops in almond orchards. Learn more here.

Almond growers: Please complete this survey to provide information about your use/non-use of cover crops.

Carbohydrate Observatory

Our partners at the Carbohydrate Observatory were just written up in Progressive Crop Consultant. If you are a nut grower interested in participating in this study, please contact Anna Davidson by email at adavidson@ucdavis.edu or by phone at (815) 212-4409.

Carbohydrate Observatory -PCC 2019

2020 Extension Course


 2020 Principles of Fruit & Nut Tree
Growth, Cropping & Management

March 23 - April 2, 2020
University of California, Davis campus

Class Details


Due to new UCD campus directives, the 2020 Principles of Fruit & Nut Tree
Growth, Cropping & Management has been canceled. We will reschedule as soon as it is safe for our students and instructors.


Understanding the fundamentals of tree biology is essential to making sound orchard management and business decisions in the tree fruit and nut industry.  However, access to educational courses on basic fruit and nut tree biology, and how it relates to agronomic practices, is limited. Our course incorporates lecture, lab exercises, and field demonstrations to provide information on all aspects of basic plant biology and the relationship between plant biology and nuts and fruit orchard management.

Our course includes nine full days of instruction. The first five days will be held on the UC Davis campus and include lecture, laboratory exercises, and field demonstrations. The following week we will embark upon a four-day field trip throughout fruit and nut tree growing regions of Northern and Central California.

The "Growing the Valley" Podcast with Phoebe Gordon and Luke Milliron updates once a week with interviews and updates for stone fruit and nut growers in the central valley.

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Employment Opportunities

Agricultural Specialist - Chilean Embassy

Agricultural Office - Embassy of Chile 

1732 Massachusetts Ave. NW

Washington, DC  20036

For questions, contact Carlos Crisosto (chcrisosto@ucdvis.edu)

Online Research Databases

Repositories of Annual Research Reports for the following California crops: AlmondsWalnuts, Prunes, Pistachio, Stone Fruit.

Nut and Tree Fruit Education Program

Introducing the Online Nut and Tree Fruit Education Program to train California Specialty Crops Growers. These courses are exclusively designed for new fruit and nut tree farmers or current farmers that are transitioning their land to fruit and nut trees.

¡Ya están disponibles las versiones en español de nuestros populares cursos en línea!


***Our online course Advances in Walnut Production is temporarily unavailable due to technical difficulties. We apologize for the inconvenience.***

Fruit & Nut Information

Sections on management and biology for individual crops, articles & websites by UC experts in crop production.
Fruit & Nut Information

Weather-Related Models

Chill accumulation models; irrigation scheduling; prediction models for stonefruit harvest, almond & pistachio N, almond hullsplit.
Weather-Related Models

Tree Biology & Orchard Management

New content: Flower Anatomy & Pollination, Tree Growth. Links to: Current UC Research, Spray Technology.
Tree Biology & Orchard Management

Find An Expert

A listing of UCCE Pomology Farm Advisors, including their areas of expertise and contact information.

Backyard growers, contact your UCCE Master Gardener.

Pistachio Presentations

Links to past Statewide Pistachio Day presentations are available here!


The 2017 "Advances in Pistachio Production" short course's agenda and presentations are available here!


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