Pistachio Irrigation Monitoring and Scheduling Demonstration - Realtime Field Data

MONTHLY REPORTING/MONITORING (monthly posting on FNRIC website):

  • SOIL MOISTURE TENSION - Irrometer Monitor logger records Watermark electrical resistance blocks and pressure transducer tensiometers every hour. 18, 36 and 48 inch depths. Downloaded monthly. DATA
  • SOIL WATER CONTENT – Neutron probe readings every foot down to a 9 foot depth. DATA
  • TREE STRESS – Pressure chamber measurements of stem water potential using the “wet rag” method. DATA
  • APPLIED IRRIGATION – In-hose flowmeter at monitoring site recording applied gallons.
  • AERIAL IMAGERY – CERES flyover coinciding with above measurements providing whole orchard view of WATER STRESS (based on canopy temperature), NDVI (normalized differential vegetative index, canopy size and vigor) and chlorophyll content. DATA


  • SOIL WATER CONTENT -- PureSense Jain Logic with SENTEK Tri-scan (“Drill & Drop”) capacitance probe measures soil water content, temperature and salinity to 46” depth, pressure transducer recording actual psi and run-time in hose at site. DATA
  • PLANT-BASED TREE STRESS – Phytech dendrometers measuring trunk diameter every 15 minutes to calculate daily “shrink/swell” and growth of the tree. DATA
  • CIMIS ETo/Calculated Pistachio ET, applied water for all sites – ET calculated from closest CIMIS station potential ET (ETo) times Dave Goldhamer crop coefficient, Kc and applied water estimated by Jain Logic hose pressure and runtime. DATA


  • UC Davis Fruit & Nut Research and Information Center (FNRIC)