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Nitrogen Prediction Models for Almond and Pistachio

These models are based on research conducted through Advanced Sensing and Management Technologies to Optimize resource Use in Deciduous Tree Crops, a 4-year, multi-state project. For project details, including investigative team, methodology and support, see project link.

N & K Prediction Model for Pistachio

1) Guidelines for Pistachio Early-Season Sampling and In-Season Nitrogen Application Maximizes Productivity, Minimizes Loss (pdf). By Muhammad Ismail Siddiqui & Patrick Brown

2) Estimate pistachio tree demand: Pistachio Model for Calculating Nitrogen Demand

3) Interpret early season pistachio leaf samples: Pistachio Prediction Model (PPM). The Pistachio Prediction Model (PPM) is an update released July 2014 in Excel format. PPM is also incorporated in the N & K Prediction Model for Pistachio linked in item 2) above.

Nitrogen Management Tools for Almond

1) Guidelines for Early Season Sampling and In-Season Nitrogen Budgeting (pdf)

2) An integrated model that calculates your N budget utilizing predicted yield, irrigation water, amendment and leaf nutrient samples can be found at:

Note: This is a joint UC Davis, Almond Board and SureHarvest web site. You will be requested to enter an email address which will only be used to send you a password for access. The site will not retain your data unless you specifically request it to do so.

3) Interpret early season almond leaf samples: Download these spreadsheets: N-Prediction Model for Almond (22K) and N-Prediction Model for Almond: large datasets (317K) from this page: Crop Nutrient Status & Demand in Almond. The website also contains the tools to conduct the N prediction procedure.

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