Pistachio Nut Growth Decision Support Tool

This decision support tool predicts the growth of Pistachio nuts based on growing degree days since bloom.

Quick Summary

  • Visit the link in the body of this article to use the new Pistachio Nut Growth Decision Support Tool!

The Pistachio Nut Growth Decision Support Tool is now available! This calculator was developed by researchers from UC Davis and the UC Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

Select your location, pistachio cultivar, and date range to see predictions about the growth of Pistachio nuts. This tool is able to draw upon a bank of weather data ranging from 1950 to 2010! The Instructions and Resources tabs provide helpful information on how to interpret the data the tool has generated for you.  The results can be printed to a PDF through your browser.

Your feedback is appreciated! Please leave any comments or concerns on the Contact Us tab of the page.


Access the Pistachio Nut Growth Decision Support Tool here: https://ucanr-igis.shinyapps.io/pist_gdd/

More apps from the University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources Informatics and GIS program can be found at https://igis.ucanr.edu/.

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