Pistachio Irrigation Monitoring and Scheduling Demonstration

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PROJECT OBJECTIVES: In three pistachio production fields from Eastside to Westside southern San Joaquin Valley create a demonstration platform for optimal irrigation practice over the season by:

  • Showing/comparing real-time web-based and field data for optimal irrigation scheduling
  • Showing the impact of salinity on monitoring and ET
  • Provide a BLOG for comments/explanation/training


  • Soil types:  non-saline sandy loam to saline/alkali silty clay loam
  • System:  pressure transducer in hose for irrigation hours
  • Soil moisture:  WaterMark, tensiometer, Sentek/Jain capacitance, neutron probe
  • Plant based:  CERES imagery, Phytech dendrometers, pressure bomb stem water potential (SWP)