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Fruit and Nut Information - Walnut: (a listing of useful links and pdf files on this website)

California Walnuts webpage: http://www.walnutinfo.com/ (accessed on Feb. 2, 2012)

An excellent online compilation of walnut research from 1971 to present, conducted by the University of California Cooperative Extension can be found at: http://fruitsandnuts.ucdavis.edu/Research_Databases/

The following is a useful webpage that discusses walnut production, rootstock performance, and pest/pathogen issues: Walnuts (2011) http://cekings.ucdavis.edu/Agriculture/Grapes_Tree_Fruits_Nut_Crops/Crop_Information_334/Walnuts_906/

Wolfskill Experimental Orchard-Walnut http://ucanr.org/sites/wolfskill2/Research/Plant_Breeding_481/Walnut_153/

UC Integrated Pest Management website on walnut crops (retrieved February 28th, 2012): http://www.ipm.ucdavis.edu/PMG/selectnewpest.walnuts.html

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